Describe this server.
Consider this a writing prompt! I want you to describe what you think this server will be like.

I'll go first:
Quote:Do you remember the good old days of the MineTexas Faction ? Back when we were Minecraft, TX? We had a Faction PVP server with all kinds of different shops around the spawn area. We also weren't super strict about hacking back then either. Do you miss those days? You're not alone. So we're bringing it back! Welcome to our new player diven economy server, or Econarchy for shot. Econarchy literally means Governed by Economy. 

So here's what this Minecraft Economy Server is all about. There's a normal spawn area, that's the bank. The bank buys and sells diamonds for 1 redback each. There's nothing else that the admin shop buys or sells. Around the spawn area, there are a number of plots that can be rented. This lets players build their own shops at spawn. 
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Economy, generally speaking, is the wealth and resources of a country or region, especially in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services. This server offers exactly that, but with a twist.
The server is based on vanilla, but with plugins to give it a more "economic" sense. Players can mine diamonds which can be stored virtually in the bank which makes currency liquid.
Remember when I said there was a twist? Hacking is allowed. But don't worry! You will have a chance of mining all those diamonds up with X ray.

To promote even more trading, plots are for rent at spawn so you can make your own chest shop!
Another chance for whz2g9 to be a fukwit, also relying on economics being the focus of the map primes it for dupe shenanigans. Cool idea nonetheless.

Ps, will you be giving it another go cos I didn't even manage to get one lavacast done??
Free the people of Kekistan! 

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