Changes to the Trommel on Rivendell - Civcraft 1.8
You can now buy upgrades in your town to allow the use of Granite, Diorite, and Andesite in the Trommel.

Just something I'm working on tonight. Of course I still need to balance things out and there is much to do in the code still. This should give you an idea of how the Trommel is going to work soon, though.


I just got this finished, tested, and implemented. The prices adjusted a bit.

   - id: 'upgrade_trommel_material_granite'
     name: 'Upgrade Trommel Level 2 (Granite)'
     action: 'set_trommel_level, 2'
     cost: 5000.0
     require_tech: 'tech_masonry'
     require_structure: 's_trommel'
     category: 'trommel'

   - id: 'upgrade_trommel_material_diorite'
     name: 'Upgrade Trommel Level 3 (Diorite)'
     action: 'set_trommel_level, 3'
     cost: 10000.0
     require_upgrade: 'upgrade_trommel_material_granite'
     require_tech: 'tech_advanced_masonry'
     require_structure: 's_trommel'
     category: 'trommel'

   - id: 'upgrade_trommel_level_andesite'
     name: 'Upgrade Trommel Level 4 (Andesite)'
     action: 'set_trommel_level, 4'
     cost: 20000.0
     require_upgrade: 'upgrade_trommel_material_diorite'
     require_tech: 'tech_alloys'
     require_structure: 's_trommel'
     category: 'trommel'

Each of these upgrades allow you to put the respective stone types in the Trommel.
I won't be posting the adjusted rates, as they're pretty much the same as gravel.

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so higher levels, more diff stones can put in trommel? will the % increase of what u get from tromel by increasing the level?
The gravel trommel rates will be the same. The other stone types will have different rates for some of the same items, as well as new items.

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