Dead Bush [DEB] Announcement
As many of you have probably heard, Dead Bushes [DEB] are now available for buying and selling at spawn. Find the shop with the beacon, and that's where you can buy and sell DEBs. Why DEBs you may ask?

- DEBs are non-renewable. You cannot make more debs.

- DEBs are rare. They are harder to find than diamonds.

- DEBs are a good meme. This alone is enough to invest in them.

- You have a chance to make money off of them.

That's right, you can make money by buying and selling DEBs. In two months I will be accepting DEBs for $2/DEB, as opposed to the current price of $1/DEB. You can find DEBs in desert and terracotta biomes.

Buy into the DEB economy today!
so is thiz like a stock?
I came across an area with DEBs and I was wondering what the value of a stack of DEBs is worth in terms of armor and tools.  What is the going rate of exchange for a set of god armor?  How about god picks?
god armour is like $700-$900 but I think you'd need to convert your dead bushes into diamonds at an exchange in order to purchase gear.
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I sell Armour for $600 (All enchants)
I sell mending p4 ub3 armor for 150

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