I demand justice
For too long, the good men and women of this server have fallen victim to the horrid atrocities of _CreeperBait_. He abuses his powers whenever he gets slightly irritated. I was banned, and all I did was BUILD SOMETHING. When I joined, I was under the impression that this was anarchy, a place where anyone can do whatever they want, not just the mods. There can be no justification for what cb does. He must be stopped. Together we can end this tyranny. 

How did you find this
Idk what to put here
Yeah I think you should be unbanned.
Celcius should definitely be unbanned. Compared to the rest of our audience on econarchy, Celcius is completely fine and sane and he should be allowed back in. I don't think that CB has to be banned or unmodded, I just think that he should go a bit more easy on you faggots.
But then again, celsius is kinda gay so who cares lol
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(03-13-2018, 12:23 PM)QwQ_tw Wrote: But then again, celsius is kinda gay so who cares lol

I’m not gay
I agree with what QwQ said
I've unbanned you
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Top kek ^^^^ thats why I dont play on Eco
(03-20-2018, 04:25 AM)ChadDX Wrote: I've unbanned you

It says my ip is still banned

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