Chad has finally decided to quit watching excessive amounts of youtube videos
Like really it's nuts... if you've wondered where i've been for the last month or so, i've been lying on my bed watching youtube vids on my phone.

What have I been watching?

1. Current Age of Empires 2 tournaments
Ok so maybe it's not bad to watch a bit of e-sports, but crazy thing is that I bought this game (again) in a steam sale like over 2 years ago and i haven't played a single match yet. I don't think i even installed it. I was hoping to try out a black forest strategy where I be a total dick and lame the other players resources and then troll in chat.

2. Classic poker videos from days gone by
The poker boom has been and gone and for some reason i've been re-watching memorable clips from that era. Why am i not playing poker? I have money left on an online site, or even better there's pubs near me that have monthly tournaments with a low buy in. There's something cool about playing a game which in the short term is mostly luck, but in the long term is all skill.

3. Gordon Ramsay
Kitchen Nightmares, Hotel Hell, The F word... I see no loss in cutting this arrogant, rude, and condescending man out my life. I can't tell if he actually doesn't understand other people's thought process or is just pretending, but I'm positive he strives for drama.

4. Crime videos
Been watching clips from Breaking Bad, The Wire, The Sopranos... and also documentaries about real crime families and masterminds. I'm not impressed. In the world today you can rob people without breaking the law, but for some reason there's not many videos about that.

5. Documentaries about space and the universe
I don't regret watching these, but I've run out of content on youtube. It's time to start listening to audiobooks or maybe even moving on to science fiction.

6. Mario
Mario speedruns, Mario-Maker super expert, kaizo hacks... I was more of a sonic guy myself so it's fair to say i wasted all the time i spent watching this crap.

7. USA Political Satire
The Daily Show, Colbert, Last Week Tonight, Seth Meyers... blah blah blah Trump is not the most adept President we get it. Was funny as hell a year ago but now it's just the same old tired jokes and stories. Would be interesting if Trump was some sort of visionary but it's clear he just believes in himself.

Thats the main gist of what i've been watching.

Why have I been watching this shit? Because it's easy. Worst thing that can happen on youtube is a 30-sec unskippable advert

Anyway, i'm about to delete the youtube app from my phone (will do so before clicking the post button)

Chad is back my friends ;-)
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Lmao you really shouldnt gamble at all when you are bipolar Chad, really really dumb, stupid and efficient way to lose money when you can't reflect well on yourself on your highs (and your lows for that matter.) That's just my 2 cents however.
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Ur totally right QwQ, in fact that's a lesson i learnt the hard way back in the day.

I decided a while ago that i would no longer deposit money on poker sites... the money i have to play with was part of a free $25 offer i got. I believe it's around $90 now but i have no intention of ever withdrawing it.

As for playing in pubs i think spending £10 or £20 to enter plus drinks is alright for a night's entertainment every once in a while... but absolutely agree that playing poker with the intention of winning money is a really bad idea. Like I don't recommend it at all.
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
I hope you didn't go back to your old youtube addict ways, Chat. That thing is worse than crack. lol
This is why testosterone boosters are all the rage these days so check them out.
i can confirm that I find youtube significantly harder to give up than crack.

My resolution for 2020 is to not watch any youtube at all
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"

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