Economy Server Settings Change
So earlier this month i was mining diamonds to pay for my monthly safezone shop rent... and i thought to myself "why am i doing this?" so i decided to stop mining and let my shop rent lapse to force inspiration.

A server needs to work even with low population. Anarchy still ticks over fine, that game still works. However the Economy server is, for want of a better word, dead. Dead is the wrong word tho, because that would require it to have been alive in the first place, which it wasn't.

Anyway, i'm never giving up on the server, i love the diamond = $ concept, and the offline shop ability. It just needs a tweak...

And this is the suggest tweak: There needs to be no safezone trading area. At all shops a player needs to be at risk of being attacked and robbed. Why? it encourages the griefers and PVPer's which increases demand for the no1 product to sell: God Weapons + Armour.

Also it means that it makes sense for shops to be created around the spawn bank at the start, but then as spawn becomes more dangerous it becomes rational to expand outwards.

Also thinking of an extensive road system out to 1k. I mean grids where possible, but obviously not demolish a mountain or fill in the sea. Just some medium terraforming.
Roads would be set to warzone so terrain can't be edited but PVP can happen. Also thinking of a sewer system underneath the roads.

Also thinking much lower rent, like $50 a year.

Anyway, discuss here.
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I agree with the pvp,
server was dead because u never adverted it u potato
mate u need to use discord more for instant communication
Anyways lets get serious.
Reasons why server was not successful:
1. No economy. One of the base pillars of an economy is weapons and armour trading. This drives demand for more stuff like tools and whatnot. Because of the lack of pvp in spawn, there was no demand for armour, therefore no economy.
2. No risk factor. In the olden days of anarchy there was a risk factor where you could lose all your stuff, there isn't any on economy.
how to fix the above problems:
Add pvp in spawn like you said with a 10 sec timer if possible, to prevent spawnkilling and make things more exciting.

Reasons why this server will be sucessful:
1. On anarchy, the server died because everyone had everything they wanted therefore there was no need to play for them. But on economy, because dupes are not allowed this will likely not happen
2. On anarchy, one of the main aspects that kept the server going was trade. This will work in economy after the changes are implemented because the system promotes trade.
How to use Discord. (For Chad)
As you open your computer, discord should start on its own like skype, showing people that you are online and that you are playing minecraft. This will help in better communication because we can then instant message or come on the server because it says you are online.

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