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So last night Atar destroyed Toe_Dirt 's dupe station which his dupe station cause a lot of lag. After this happened a few players started boycotting. For reasons I understand why players are boycotting because of this situation. I honestly think it's stupid of them to boycott about the situation when they weren't part of them. Some but not all. I could see why Toe would leave the server. To other players who weren't associated with Toe or SBC, I don't see any reason why you guys would get angry about this. Well technically Atar was "abusing" his admin powers.
In my opinion this whole situation isn't much of a problem only to Toe but I can't see anything that has been affected by this situation other than Toe losing all his stuff. Comment down your opinions about this situation I want to hear what y'all think about this.
lol i originally read this as Toe's dirt-duping station

i was thinking "wtf would someone dupe that?"

Atar has long time had a policy of removing lag machines or anything which unintentionally causes excessive lag and i'm surprised if this caused any uproar
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