Thoughts on new factions?
Hello all, i want to know how you guys feel about the new factions update? it was alot of work but we are glad to share it with you guys.
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Well, I thought i'd hop on yesterday to see what all the fuss is about.... these were my exact thoughts:

"Whoa this spawn area is epic... cool there's an actual pvp arena built into it!"
"wow this warzone area around spawn is large... wish i could place/remove blocks"
"crap its dusk, i'd better logout before mobs come out"
*10 minutes later* "oh its always dusk... strange"

Then I attacked a sheep for wool and my thoughts were "why is the server warning me not to combat log on a sheep?" Big Grin

Nah seriously tho nice effort on the server, I'm sure it's going to be awesome once it's full of players.
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The warzone is made for pvp, the warzone isn't where you are suppose to build. The combatlog issue with the animals should be fixed.
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