Announcing our new MineTexas Factions Server
MineTexas has a new Minecraft Factions Server on the MineTexas Minecraft Server Network in 2019! With a new world, a new spawn, and new experiences to be had, if you’re looking for a fun and feature packed Factions Server, this is the one. We’ve got mcMMO, Envoy events, Chest Shops, King of the Hill, Mythic Mobs, and more!

If you’ve never played MCMMO before, you’ve been missing out. MCMMO brings together minecraft and a level and rewards system akin to many RPG games, giving a very RPG-like experience. MCMMO includes skill leveling, special abilities, rare loot, and other brand new mechanics to the server. You don’t have to use a special client to use mcMMO.

Envoy events are something new on our Factions PVP Server. Envoy events happen around spawn, and everyone can participate. When a minecraft envoy event starts, a large quantity of crates will appear around the spawn area. When they find a crate, Factions players can retrieve these envoy crates by simply clicking them to receive the reward inside. Rewards include currency, items, and even kits! Envoy events occur just about every hour on our Factions Server.

King of the hill is part parkour, part arena battles. In the middle of the spawn area on our new Factions server is the King of the Hill arena. When an event starts, players can jump down into the arena and fight and climb their way to the top, earning rewards for their victory.

View Screenshots of the new server here:

Thanks for playing Minecraft with us since August 23, 2010.
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okay so a few things.

1. envoy events are fun when they happen but they hardly ever start because of low player amounts.I wonder if there could be some kind of solution to this.

2. wait minetexas launched in August 23, 2010 so it's older then 2b2t since 2b2t launched in December 2010 or am i missing something also i would love to see what minetexas looked like back then so if you have screenshots of the server back in 2010 i would love to see them.
the anarchy server came after the launch (26th October 2012)
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but the server it's self is older than 2b2t its just that the maps are younger.
the server network is perhaps older, but that's not what people mean when talking about "the oldest anarchy server".

if you want to troll some noob who's only playing because they can't get on 2b2t... then yeah u can troll the fuck out of them by saying minetexas is older (it is) :-P
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
so how old is the minetexas map compared to other servers like 2b2t and minecraft online?

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