Chad Officially Quits Anarchy
Some of you are probably thinking "wtf Chad... didn't you already quit the server?"... and you're right, I did.
Previous post is here:

I left for over a year, but so did others and the server became more quiet. The dark doxxing days of the past seemed to have been forgotten. 15 months after quitting I started messing around on the server for keks at spawn. Then I was given information about a HUGE dupe glitch (book dupe).

Stuff was going good. I was giving shulkers away like it was nothing. A new guy joined the server who seemed to be a player who thought big, but unfortunately he started using threats of doxxing. I felt like quitting but it seemed like it could be an isolated incident

A short time later another player was minecrafting but a group of people thought he was getting "too big" and "wanted to take him down a peg". They tried to get him to send them an intimate photo, but when they couldn't get it they went ahead and pretended he sent one anyway to an underage girl. Yes, you read that right, this group tried to make it look as if this regular player was a pedophile.

I felt like quitting again but people seemed to have cooled down a little and the conflict didn't escalate.

I gave the server one last go.

Unfortunately, last night these same people decided to use their notoriety as doxxers to blackmail/threaten some kid to give them blocks ingame.
It doesn't matter that they didn't have his info, the very fact that they sought his personal info and wanted to use it against him obviously is going to make the person stressed/worried and have difficulty getting to sleep. Heck, I'd be thinking shit about that and I'm 30.

When I shut down minecraft, i want to be able to go to sleep without thinking about what actions I need to take regarding some weirdo from a minecraft server that wants to know where i live and is threatening to harass me.

It doesn't matter that "they weren't actually going to dox him" or that they did it for a "joke". They made serious threats and I don't find it funny. Right now I feel like Stans Mom:

No one seems to understand why I feel so strongly about this, but here's why;

Back when I was at school there was this other kid that was sometimes a dick towards me. He'd generally try to get me mad with words and sometimes use physical violence. I drew the line at physical violence. I said "If you continue to do that, I'm going to fight you". He didn't believe that a geek such as myself would come at him (the school bully) and continued being a dick in general. The next time he punched me we had a pretty serious fight. I had to go to the hospital. I'm still missing a knuckle from my right hand because i punched him so hard in the head.

It was only after this that I was told the informal "etiquette" to bullying. I was literally taken aside and the social norms of the school were explained to me. It's like how cats hiss and scratch their neighbours in the next territory to test each other's metal. It's not a serious fight, it's a heart-check... to see who has the confidence to stand up for themselves, to see who's "top dog" or whatever. But I'm a rules based guy so I think either you're allowed to punch people or you're not. If we can punch each other then I'll punch you until the bones in my hand break. I find it hard to understand the concept of a half-punch, or a bitch slap, or whatever. I am proud to say I have resolved all subsequent disputes in my life without violence.

Same with this doxxing thing... if it's allowed then I'd do some serious shit, but to me it's not allowed. Its not that I'd never put my life on the line, or track someone down, or do things against the law... its that I really don't think it's worth doing for a block game. I think people who go that far for something so small are weird, and from now on i'm only going to play on servers where dox threats result in a ban.

I'm not quitting minetexas, but I am quitting /anarchy.
I'll still be on /pvp, and /economy, the forums, and discord (basically anywhere that threatening to dox results in a ban)

Peace All, I'll see u around! Smile
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bro u ok
Idk what to put here
i remember you talking about having players muted when they tried to dox someone ingame. maybe this could be a half way between banning them and letting them go free i also don't feel like this would break anarchy as a hole where as where banning would.
Yr an adult.
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I realise that no one understands why I'm so anti-doxxing (hence the videos on stan's mum).

I myself don't understand when it's acceptable to dox someone and how far one is supposed to go with the information.

I simply can't play on a server where doxxing and real life threats is seen a tool to get a cancerous player to leave, or most recently, a way to get items! If that's the game then I'd make a group targeting doxxers themselves, and maybe select a council of players to decide which real life action to take (like depending on the age of the doxxer maybe simply sending their chat history to their parents or school might suffice). This is the way my head works, It's completely fine to think like that in a minecraft setting, where all u do is build some crazy shit or form a trading guild or whatever, but to do that in the real world is just dangerous. I'm choosing to stop now, before I've even started. I can play minecraft without doxxers, and I have real life projects where people don't harass or threaten each other so I do not need to play on anarchy.

Edit: A user reported this post as threatening... I want to be clear that I consider doxxing a real-life action and not part of minecraft. This was not meant as a threat, just an insight into how my mind works and how i would act if i was going to dox people, which i never will.
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Good idea on the group thing.
I'll dm you on discord if I can get it off the ground.
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lol wtf dont dm me shit about a doxxing group on discord, i want no part of it!
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Free the people of Kekistan! 
Wait with chaddx leaving /anarchy will this mean he will be more active on the other gamemodes like /pvp ect?

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