CommodityMarket's Dupe Stash
This is one of 2 epic dupe stashes I am leaving behind on anarchy
[Image: knat4Xd.png]
it was made using the chunk/book glitch, where u could overload a chunk with data so that it wouldn't save. That contraption was built at the very top of this tower of chests, and the duped items would automatically be moved outside the chunk and into one of these columns.
Each column contains 1000 shulkers and there are 50 columns, for a total of around 80 million individual items. Most are building blocks.

Once I'd built the contraption and set up the shulkers i wanted duped, i just went afk for a couple of hours in a minecart and the machine filled up automatically. It used a detector rail to activate the machine, then a big long track to take it out of render distance
[Image: 6LG8YRb.png]
This pic is from a stash i built before the one with CommodityMarket. It was 2 separate towers of about 20 columns, which turns out to be not as convenient.
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What I duped (under construction)

I duped at least 5000 of these custom shulkers:
[Image: kHyRUht.png]
There were originally supposed to be used as a currency to pay noobs for helping build things near spawn. I believe only around 2000 are at CommodityMarket's stash.

Then i did about 3000 of these
[Image: OOoEyre.png]
only 1000 are at Commodity's stash. This is my favorite kit, but it's actually made from a "David's Kit". I took out excess armour and pvp items and added in more useful stuff.

realised that there was no blast armour in the ultra kit, so made this
[Image: J4uc4Db.png]
duped 2000 of them. Half are at Commodity's Stash

Shulker Kit
[Image: K0wqMZb.png]
People often make the mistake of duping shells only... but chests are 2 wood + crafting time so it's well worth including them

2 boxes of mixed glow items (500 of each)
[Image: ct1zySe.png]
[Image: oERDyaf.png]

Ores with beacons (500)
[Image: mUIby7H.png]
wish i'd duped lapiz tho

Coal Blocks (500)
[Image: fRr2B5k.png]
Forgot to dupe iron at this stash LOL

4 types of Stone (1000 of each)
[Image: dPmk1xf.png]
[Image: 48FbBCQ.png]
[Image: st2pU2w.png]
[Image: 98hotv0.png]
put some rough versions in some boxes just for inconvenience
I included furnaces in my andesite box because i am a muppet

Mossy Cobble
[Image: T8PyqXz.png]
This was originally going to be the only thing i was going to dupe. I had asked gn0me about a week before the glitch came out what he would dupe if he could. All he said was mossy cobble. I thought it would be funny to tell the guy that i duped him hundreds of shulkers, then when I give it to him it's all mossy cobble! :-P

Normal Cobble
[Image: s9dgw03.png]
No clue why i duped this, haven't used a single box yet.

Obby (6000 at Commodity's stash + 4000 at my other stash)
[Image: A7v7srT.png]
I duped a lot of obby because I like building at spawn and it has high blast resistance. I typically use it to reinforce walls and put nicer looking cladding on the outside

2 types of wood (1000 of each)
[Image: vJkeDJO.png]
[Image: OXaLtAX.png]
I don't use the blocks themselves for my spawn builds as they are often a fire hazard... I use them for crafting only. Someone told me they needed spruce logs in particular for their base, so i duped a load of those to give to them.

3 types of bricks (1000 of each)
[Image: REo7U8e.png]
[Image: Rp1KIZG.png]
[Image: N0flp6u.png]
i also included netherrack for fires and clay for making pots. Wish I'd duped normal endstone also (didn't realise it had high blast resistance).
Actually whilst i'm there i wish i duped stonebricks to save on crafting stone

more info coming soon... i'm done for tonight
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
List of Duped blocks (under construction)
Amounts are in shulkers of stacks, so when i say 1000 i mean 1,728,000 individual blocks.

Quartz (1000)
[Image: YN8oIZL.png]
Didn't want any of this myself, i only duped it because other players often demand it. I actually already gave half away to Remnant

4 types of glass for skyscraper windows (1000 of each)
[Image: kS3D5eI.png]
[Image: l4Ernvv.png]
[Image: ekOn6sU.png]
[Image: TtqSGPy.png]

Every type of Prismarine (1000 of each)
[Image: U7dCROb.png]
[Image: 8sA0jXk.png]
[Image: Kvki5Sq.png]

Box of funky stained terracotta (1000 of each)
[Image: GYMMJcb.png]
Warsoilder put this box together... nice thing to have for interior design i think

And of course, Every colour of concrete (1000 of each).
[Image: xXNbdh8.png]
[Image: 6S0aKNY.png]
[Image: HYXweHz.png]
[Image: kr5F4Ze.png]
[Image: x6EOYVe.png]
[Image: c7F93UA.png]
[Image: Jo5zAmn.png]
[Image: K0SYHrS.png]
[Image: G20AZl2.png]
[Image: jT77UyQ.png]
[Image: ztCioUj.png]
[Image: aYFhbSp.png]
[Image: jwhx8pY.png]

Thanks to Warsoilder for crafting the original concrete for the dupe (and also for letting me know there was a dupe lol)
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so is that one of the largest stashes on the server anyways its interesting to see just how powerful the dupe was(i wasn't on the be able to use it and wouldn't of had the time to make all the books anyways).
as far as i know, it's THE largest stash on the server
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
so would you say the book dupe then was the most powerful dupe even more so than the 11/11 one from 2016.
for sure... 11/11 u could only do 1 inventory at once... i was doing 50 inventories at once with book dupe.

also 11/11 u had to keep reconnecting and disconnecting... it was more labour intensive than book dupe which could be fully automated
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
ah i see

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