Can i join yall?
hello chad so as of late iv'e kind of missed the minetexas community but because of the current state of minetexas anarchy iv'e not played there much. after i heard about economy and seeing the builds and towns/citys on the forum i became interested and i tried to join there's just one problem. 

the servers whistled and im not on the list so i can't join. so chad or atar whoever is reading this can i be added to the white list? 

thank you for reading this chad i hope you consider adding me to economy and if not its fine. anyways hope to see yall over on economy.
hey its just Me, War and Pro on the whitelist at the moment... setting up the server ready for the relaunch

there are currently no builds, no money, no players, no items etc etc etc. The whitelist will be removed at launch and everyone will be able to join at once.

Thats not how we did it last time tho, so i understand why you're asking to be whitelisted. Last time we had testers, but this time we're confident its balanced.
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ah okay so how far away are you from launch? a few days a week or two or no where near close(like it will launch a year from now).
imma say 3 weeks
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
oh okay

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