An Open Letter to Minetexas Anarchy
One week ago, I was chilling in bed listening to music on my laptop while chatting with some friends on discord. I accidentally hovered over the MT discord and noticed that a bunch of users were in the anarchy voice chat. I decided to hop on and chat with the people who still play on this server.
At that point it had easily been more than 3 years since the last time I had played on MT, or Minecraft in general. Life happens… People move on, and things that were once a source of joy have now faded into nothingness.
 So I hop in the chat, and as I expected, I didn’t recognize anyone, and no one recognized me. I just came to the conclusion that I was probably talking to some relatively new players who were chatting on the discord. Little did I know, I was conversing with some of my best friends on the server from back in the day. Friends I have spent hours and hours with on discord and team speak, yet their voices didn’t seem familiar to me (even Nyar’s scuffed ass voice).
 At that point in time, MT didn’t really mean anything to me. Soon after, we were sharing IGNs, and I realized I was talking to my old friends. That changed everything. We caught up with each other’s lives, and then I decided to log in and join the server. We proceeded to have a truly great time while sharing stories and laughs.
 I’ve been playing every day since then, and each day I see more and more old players pop up on the server. I don’t know if it’s the nostalgia or the unique bond that we built back in the day that just cheers me up. At some point in the near future, I know I will have to leave the server again. Coronavirus put life on pause which is why I have had the time to play on the server again. However, Corona won’t last forever (at least I fucking hope so), and with it leaving, I will probably be leaving too.
 Until then, I’ll be chilling on the server. It has been a really good time so far especially after seeing so many people I have not spoken to in ages return to the server (also due to the quarantine). I really do hope this “renaissance” lasts for a while.
Finally, I don’t give a shit about the game or this server (sorry atar). I don’t care about all the time I have spent here, and all the projects I have been a part of. It is all in the distant past for me. However, I can’t deny how this server created bonds between myself and many others. Bonds so strong that even 3 and a half years later, they seem intact, and for that, all I can say is thank you…
nice to see you again bro! Smile
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