Claim Leader and Disband Town suggestions
A couple of items I think that would make improvements to CivCraft overall, and that I need right now Tongue

A way to /claim leader if the former leader was banned. Maybe if there was some kind of /vote leader that could be conducted at any time it would both fix the current issue as well as provide greater functionality to a civ to only have leaders they want. Kind of like a mutanty type scenario so civ members can elect leaders.

Most leaders wouldnt be effected, only bad ones...

Another option is the ability to leave ones town, even if you are the last one in that town or if you are the sole mayor to disband it, without a leader of the civ having to accept.
Right now I want to join a different Civ and I can't because my civ leader is banned and I'm the sole owner/mayor of the town.
and a command to transfer members between towns
This sounds like a great idea. The only problem is the conflict with the existing /vote command.

I'll look into it and possibly add it to my list of things to do.
It would basically allow the /claim leader at any point (not just when the leader is AFK for a week) and then the Civ players would do /leadervote "Name" or something (so it doesnt conflict) and whoever has the most votes in like a 24-48 hour period would become sole leader.
or /elect

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