Discussion on all the new servers added. What does the community want more of next?
Hello, with all the new additions to MineTexas recently on my behalf (ProGamusian) such as /spleef /uhc /bedwars /museum /found & /hell (modded anarchy server)

I've noticed stuff like bedwars and spleef hasn't taken much traction, but these servers can always be repurposed. 

Found, and Hell seem to be the most popular ones--with UHC being a genuinely good spot to play and the game is rather polished.

Found is just a brand new infinitely generated world (30mil WB) on 1.12.2 and updates every 6-8 months to the NEXT full release. 

Hell is a modded anarchy server, anything goes. You need a relatively good pc for it to run, at least 4-cores and 8GB of ram. It's CPU hungry.

All of my servers support hacked clients, but development is made for only combat hacks (no speed and flight; found is the exception). 

What do you guys, the few who come to the forums, genuinely feel MineTexas needs.

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