Hello, I don't believe I ever gave a formal introduction for me on the server. 
I joined /anarchy on Nov 2016 on my ProGamusian account, and have went on a hiatus here and there, but always come back. I did play prior to this join date on my original account in 2015, but due to moving and a divorce in my family lost the account name, credentials, and so forth. 

I'm fortunate enough to host servers on MineTexas, and have witnessed lots of transformations happen. Seeing people join, and leave the server. Dupes happening, and ending. Times of war, and peace. 

2020 is a very different world than it was in 2015. 5 Years later, here I am an oldfag with a little bit of wisdom and experience on an anarchy server on the internet. 

If there was any tips I had to make your stay enjoyable, I'd recommend these few things:

Explore - exploring can teach you many things about the servers. You can find old signs, builds, and perhaps a small dupe stash! 

Dupe - while it seems obvious, duping is a part of the life here. I recommend trying to stay away from pvp gear, as these things are minimal gains and don't mean much for longevity--spice it up a little. Dupe blocks, mapart, and other items that might seem niche now but perhaps something you can trade later... which leads to the next two topics

BUILD - This can be building a base, a spawn monument, or something just to come back to and admire every now and then.
Mapart - Mapart is the largest community I'd have to say on the server. There's lots of extremely good maparts that have been made, perhaps try collecting or creating.

Trade - Trade items, and be active in the community. Duping shouldn't be the end goal. I feel like offering your items in exchange of something you might not have a lot of, or something cool is a great concept.

Play/Create Tournaments - within the past year, there have been player created tournaments (video in replies of this post). PvP, Spleef, and the new Mapart tournament happening within the next month.

These are just a few things you should do on /anarchy
As for the other servers, give /uhc and /found a shot. Perhaps play on the modded anarchy server /hell. 

For the love of god, just realize PvP is utterly pointless and your K/D ratio doesn't mean shit
just don't be a cuck
just don't be a cuck

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