Newest Dupe In 1.15.2 Anrachy!
It came uppon me and feetdown that we found a dupe on accident. We were clearing out a cave with tnt rails. I accidentally placed a shulker and opened it due to fastplace module and the tnt rail blew it up but all the contents of the shulker doubled. It was a stacked kit but we counted everything out and there was 128 of everything and not 64. This was odd so we got BrownZombie on to test this out with us and it worked!!! Here is how we did it: 

1. Get a long line of rails with powered rails at the end making the cart go very fast until it blows up (this glitches the explosion to blow up twice)

2. Place the shulker down and open quickly while tnt explodes

3. pick up all items used and restack using the new stacking method.

ask questions if needed

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