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Some people are using player-made kits as a method of payment and so I thought it would be useful to upload pictures of what's in them.

I'm uploading these in no particular order, but I'll try to group similar kits
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Stacked Armour Of God
[Image: Sz5Gdjo.png]
I think ProGamusian made this. I'd give it a solid 10/10 rating for a combat kit. Good selection of items and nice use of echests as source of obsidian. Also the kit contains stacked fortune picks which is rare.

Drew's Kit
[Image: J3fZ2Vv.png]
Some great items for a player without a dupe stash to store at base, but not what you would use for a single life. There are no arrows to go with the bow and more sets of armour and xp bottles than necessary. I'd rate it 6/10

Crimson Kit
[Image: STc3T3d.png]
Classic name and a well rounded combat kit. I like that there is both obsidian and echests for convenience. The stack of Golden carrots means you won't need to waste the gapples by eating them as food. Only criticism is that there is 3 sets of armour when surely just 2 would give the full range of enchant options. 9/10

Blast Kit
[Image: J4uc4Db.png]
A very common kit but not balanced enough for a single life. Also the Items are not originally named, they're just taken from another kit.

Ultra Kit
[Image: OOoEyre.png]
Another common kit... great selection of items and balanced for a single life. I like that there are chests to go with the shulkers but need to subtract marks for lack of elytra and arrows to go with the bow. Also items are not originally named. 7/10

Gemini Stacked Kit
[Image: vqb5k46.png]
Well balanced kit with a lot of potions. I do question why arrows are only basic. Probably the creator couldn't get hold of dragons' breath (which has been duped, just not a lot of of people have it). 9/10

David's Kit
[Image: O7mRyWb.png]
This is NOT how i remember the kit. I remember the first 4 items being a set of Prot IV armour, not end crystals. A stack of ready obsidian blocks would be good. 9/10
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Infinity Extra Life
[Image: kHyRUht.png]
This was designed to be a single use kit to be payment to noobs for building work. Experienced players will find that they always end up leaving the same items in the shulker. I like that there is a choice of sharpness or smite sword and double the amount of tools. I have to question however why there is not a stack of coal blocks to go with the stack of furnaces, or any arrows with the bow. Does a new player really need a stack of beacons and diamond blocks?

FarmCult Kit
[Image: STdMBlw.png?2]
Wow what an amazing kit! Is that God Chainmail armour!? The addition of the written book is great... more group kits should have them! Could be improved with addition of Axe, Pumpkins and Stack of ice (for water) but all in all I'd give this a solid 9/10.

Jucilon Minikit Mk6
[Image: 9cw8iua.png]
Can there really be 5 earlier versions of this? Well maybe so as it does seem well balanced for a combat kit. It does require some initial setup for the user with regards to finding an arrow and breaking the echests into obsidian, but I really can't find any obvious flaws in this. 10/10

Sno's Kit
[Image: 6UFuK6m.png]
Looks to be a combat kit but there is no obsidian to go with the end crystals. Also that's too much bottles of xp considering there are already 3 sets of armour. 7/10

Mystical Kit
[Image: 8t1ulGe.png]
Well balanced for endurance and fighting. Nice layout with no obvious flaws. 10/10

Kit FoodClan
[Image: DOVYCJX.png]
I can not for the life of me understand why a fishing rod was added to this kit. Was it for the memes? If so then why are there 3 sets of armour like it's made for combat. Anyone would be happy to take this kit into the overworld but with only 1 totem and no flint and steel it's not perfect. 8/10

Furry Full Costume Kit
[Image: nA8Ees3.png]
Great kit... balanced for a single life and also has a meme head. Lacking golden carrots and 2nd pick but those are small complaints. 9/10
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Sea Blocks
[Image: Aj7Hb3o.png]
Fantastic building block kit... 6 stacks of each ocean monument block, plus an extra 3 stacks of lanterns because they're the most valuable for building. 10/10

[Image: OQOz6Dh.png]
Appears to just be a random selection of blocks. Really can't understand why there would be arrows and feathers in it but overall I'd say this looks kinda fun to bring along to a community build. 6/10

Light Blox 1 + 2
[Image: ct1zySe.png]
[Image: oERDyaf.png]
These should have been combined into one single shulker originally, and also now needs to be updated with some of the new blocks. I like that redstone blocks were included to activate the redstone lamps, but feel that the magma blocks could be removed without anyone caring. 5/10
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Becon Kit
[Image: HWkRtos.png]
Watch out for this one... there are no blocks to make the pyramid from, and no ingots to activate it. Nothing to mine it, or to protect it, or coloured glass for the beam. The warning sign was that they misspelled "Beacon". I wouldn't even consider this a kit because there's only one type of item (1728 of it). 1/10

Russia Extra Life
[Image: HM3knpc.png?1]
Nice logo on the box, but again it isn't really a kit because it's just 1 item. However stacked totems are uncraftable and insanely useful at times so I give this a 3/10
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
(08-29-2020, 06:33 AM)ChadDX Wrote: Some people are using player-made kits as a method of payment and so I thought it would be useful to upload pictures of what's in them.

I'm uploading these in no particular order, but I'll try to group similar kits

Chad, do you have any spare kits I could have.
(04-15-2021, 06:42 AM)kurdtsrevenge Wrote: Chad, do you have any spare kits I could have.

I don't play anymore, but if I did I'd say type /kit in game chat!
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well, i am back to playing... and i have been given kits by Jucifer for review purposes!
[Image: 2022-07-26_20.45.29.png]

The Green one is the Minikit mk6 that i've reviewed before;
[Image: 2022-07-26_20.45.46.png]

The light blue one is the very similar Minikit mk7
[Image: 2022-07-26_20.45.50.png]

The dark blue one is the Jucilon Knight which i have not seen before
[Image: 2022-07-26_20.45.54.png]

So whats the difference between the MK6 and the MK7? Well, simply put, the MK6 has the 'spoopy' (all enchants) armour that the admin created for an old halloween event. This is not craftable but escaped into the hands of players and became widely duped.
[Image: 2022-07-26_20.46.05.png]
The mk7 has standard god-grade armour (liking the choice of depth strider instead of frost walker).
[Image: 2022-07-26_20.46.30.png]

I asked why the mk7 had less enchants than the mk6...
Jucifer (in discord pm) Wrote:"The spooky gear is an upgrade in my eyes as well, but the majority of the player base in 2019 much preferred regular god armor over spoopy because of durability. So I made the MK7 in response to other players demands"
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