Thread 2000
This is it... the 2000th Thread on this forum. Welcome and enjoy!
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2000 threads sound like a lot, but a lot of those will be deleted or junk or spam.
Some of them are in awful condition with players deleting their replies and images no longer working.

How much GOOD content is there here? It's kind of a battle and dig to find it, but it's there.

Also... we got to thread 500 in 2016 and then thread 1000 in the same year. Now however the rate of posts has slowed massively and I'm not convinced we'll EVER get to thread 3000. This is not necessarily a bad thing - quality is more important than quantity.

Impossible for me to mention 2000 without thinking back to the year 2000. The dawn of the new millennium. This was a time before Minecraft and I'm guessing most of the current server players weren't even born. Internet wasn't used so often because you were charged by the minute and couldn't use the phone at the same time.
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