New changes coming on Rivendell for on 3/22
[Image: ZyqlUkE.png?1]

So I've been fixing a few things, most noticeable right away is the ability to sell stacks at the Bank.

I've also removed Redstone and String and related items from the undo templates. (This kills the bug)

I'm also going to be making a new "Bridge" block which will be crafted with Iron. This will be a place-able block that will be able to bridge across trenches during war time and not fall down. It will be able to be mined back up, and destroyed with TNT.

And finally, I made some changes to the way TNT is blocked. It will now usable during war time. It will do 10 damage to structures (Cannons do 100 damage and require 10 TNT to fire). It will also break non-structure blocks in a 3 block sphere.

Along with the TNT change, I've fixed the destruction of Chests and Signs with Cannons AND TNT so that they get saved and restored properly. This removes the ability to dupe using these weapons.
I've now implemented this patch on Rivendell.

As for the Bridge, You can place the following blocks and they won't fall: Iron Block, Gold Block, Diamond Block, Emerald Block.

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