"Spoopy Shiled" - Biggest db transfer ever!
This item is worthy of it's own thread!

less than 24 hours ago Dv1 posted this on the Digital BlastKit Trading discord:
lorazepam_taker Wrote:Anyone interested in 1/1 2017 spoopy “shiled” before the well known halloween events atar hosted he had one which only like 3 people attended, the first and only og power X bow was spawned in which atar later removed from my inventory, but I echested the shield, atar was drunk at the time and mispelled shield so it’s the spoopy shiled. Very cool item taking offers

I suggested he put it up for sale in #auctions and he did just that... reserve price 20db
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Easy tried to end it early with a bid of almost double the asking price:
[Image: easy_35.png]

he then told me off for checking my balance in the "wrong place" even tho i moderate the bloody discord
[Image: chad_36.png]

It got me kinda interested in bidding tho so i asked Dv1 for pics...
[Image: item_echest.png]
[Image: dv1_holding.png]

i also asked around in DMs and discovered that this was indeed a sought-after item in the MTA collector scene.
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
I decided to talk down the worth of the item
[Image: no_interest.png]

and then go for a massive over-bid ensuring i would definitely get the item
[Image: 1st_bid.png]
i decided that any more than this would be too expensive

I was certainly not expecting this response...
[Image: 77.png]

I gave it a little thought and decided that the biggest bid i could possibly place was four times my current cash on hand. It was my absolute max there was no way i was going to go higher. figured i'd bluff that i wanted a counter offer tho...
[Image: 100_bid.png]

...which was probably a bad idea!
[Image: 101.png]

I decided to bow out
[Image: over_graffiti.png]
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
I thought it was over until...
[Image: upbid.png]

I started to suspect possible "shill bidding"
[Image: 110.png]

However this is an anarchy minecraft server and my trading discord has no rules against price manipulation.
Besides, Easy had bigger worries on his mind:
[Image: scam.png]

I tried to bring this all to a swift end...
[Image: 111.png]
...and it was
[Image: 116.png]
Item was transferred with signed book
[Image: cert.png]
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
The Aftermath:
[Image: gold.png]

For real tho the economic implications of this are huge!

Firstly... there were only 1000db in existence at the time of the auction and 400 of them were held by "inactive" accounts. Out of the remaining 600, Easy managed to transfer 116 of them - around 19% of the circulating supply

The artifact itself becomes the most efficient way of storing wealth on the server. My offer of 100db remains, and it takes up only 2 slots in an echest. Thats 50db per slot to the right buyer, or 25db per slot for a quick sale.

Also one would expect the value of the item to appreciate in the case of future inflation or dupes.
It is perhaps the most safe and secure way of remaining rich.
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Hold on lemme just rename my Shiled to claim 20% of the economy

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