The Doggo has found these lands
Long have I wondered in search of a place to call home, life as a doggo is easy since people give free food everytime I'm in their physical presence, but this is different.
I have wondered through many places, a few were gorgeous and a few were enough that I doggo'd a little faster, some were grand and rich and others poor and lacking. I have come from a land of peace where no wrong was allowed, but I doggo'd a bit too hard. 
I now come to a land opposite, where everything is allowed and nothing is discouraged, and it was glorious. I tip my imaginary doggo hat to you as I wonder the plains of a land so chaotic yet orderly, I see upon the land of Minetexas.
I may decide to stay here for a while, I may decide to doggo into other pursuits, but for now I will stay here Tongue.
Lovely post!

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