Poll: Do u want to finish this age with a restart?
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5 50.00%
3 30.00%
You should update the server, but save the map
1 10.00%
You should wait two or three moths, if the age will still not end
1 10.00%
Total 10 vote(s) 100%
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About reset
Hey guys!
I have not played here so much, (only 2 ages with that one going on) but i think that resetting a game in progress is not fair, even if there is a new version of the minecraft and the plugin aswell. I think if the server resets at least they should save the map and its datas. And the owner should make a page where guys can come to vote for it or against it. I just started my little civ, im planning my first war, and i have to be disappointed, cuz the serva will reset in 1 week. Pls do somethin to help the guys who think the same. Undecided
problems are:
- The servers become too over crowded
- top civs will become bored and will wreck little civs for fun or leave
- little civs like yours stand no chance with massive bored civs
- if you don't wish for phase reset you can team up with other like minded civs to attempt to stop there win. (this excludes this current phase as enigma dominated it from week two with the fall of Valhalla and since seen a dramatic decline in players so server has been given a preemptive reset date)
- finally we have win conditions, it would be unfair not to honor them.

also this should really be under rivendell

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