And there's the GG.
Its been fun, but after tonight I don't think my heart is in this anymore. I've done everything I can to be chill with everyone on this server, just have a good time and not mess with anyone, but the attitude I got tonight from people we've had nothing but good relations with has kinda soured me on the whole thing.

Make no mistake, I don't blame anyone for playing the game. Even the bullying of civs that have no chance of standing up to you, when it doesn't gain you anything, I can deal with it. Betrayal and changing loyalties are part of the game. But it was the words, the taunting, the disgusting pedophilia insults, that was all way over the line. I don't want to be a part of any community that tolerates that kind of immature, childish behavior.

But regardless, I also realized tonight that with my current bandwidth limitations, I can never have any chance in PVP even if our gear levels were equal. So I'd be at the mercy of anyone who wanted to come after me, and apparently some people you can't be civil with no matter what. So there's just not much good in my continuing to play on that basis alone, at least not as a leader.

I might totally rethink things after I sleep on it, but for the moment I'm really not feeling like I care to continue playing here. Sorry to people in my civ that I might be letting down. We were never gonna win anyway.
Man, I'm kinda whiny and over-dramatic when I'm drunk and stressed out. Sorry. It was kind of a lot of things going on at once. Realized I've been neglecting other stuff due to spending so much time on civcraft, plus like I said, I was a bit inebriated that night. I didn't handle it real well. Not really planning on playing much the rest of this phase still, but I'll probably get back in for the next one in some capacity.

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