Thoughts on disabling Teleportation into non-allied territory
I've seen some complaints about users being able to teleport into the culture boundaries of other civilizations, either by setting homes there or by teleporting to a friend. I'm considering adding some restrictions to the teleport commands, and not allowing players to teleport into a Civ's land unless they are allied with that civ.

So, thoughts?
i agree i see a lot ways could be abusive if use proper XD
I agree some people use that to take advantage on wartime or annoy other civs
Teleportation is already disabled during war time, so there's no concern there.
The big thing I've found is when one person gets someone to TP them into their culture, and then brings all his friends and the griefing begins. This could really go a long ways to remedy that. Tying it to ally status makes perfect sense.
Alright, since the reaction to this seemed positive, this has been implemented on both Rivendell and Aberon.

Players can only teleport into allied territory.

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