Resource/trade good return time?
So, I'm a bit curious why the resource return time is hard-coded for late at night on a saturday. It seems like this arbitrarily hinders some people over others. It seems like tying the return rate to the time the trade post was first built, or the resource first claimed, would make more sense, but I can see how that would be complicated due to being able to move the trade good around, and could lead to potential issues with trading resources with others. (i.e. trading a good set to respawn in 1 day for one set to respawn in six days)

But when you have all these spies waiting for the time to tick over so they can loot towns whose mayors are unfortunate enough to have other things to do on a saturday night (such as sleeping, even?) it just seems the system could be better, somehow. I shouldn't have to disrupt my real life to be on at a certain, inconvenient time to ensure the success of my town/civ. Its kind of the same reasoning behind making camps only attackable at certain times, right?

Anyway, I realize the main issue might be making a fair way to determine the reset time, but I at least think some thought could be put into this. Maybe each town or civ has a global, publicly known time that their trade goods reset? Set only once, before the first trade good is allowed to be harvested? Or if it is changeable, only once a month, or two weeks, or something. Just brainstorming, really. It could even be limited to only on a saturday, not during war time, but allow the exact hour to better fit the needs of the players. And to keep the spies on their toes! Smile

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