New Theme - Elven - Building Video Thread
Greetings Minecrafters,

Welcome to another edition of Highly pixelated awesome civcraft construction. This week, I bring you some clips of the new, coming age 5, elven templates!

This set will be available for purchase on our website during the next age of Civcraft. It will cost $5-10 USD, and allow you to use all of the buildings from this set during Age 5 (And possibly Beyond, currently undecided).

Come catch a glimpse of the new Elven template we will be selling for Age 5 of Civcraft! This videos show just a few of the twenty-seven custom buildings in this template. These include Camp, Capitol, Barracks, Towers, and more. This set even has a custom Trade Outpost.

MineTexas will be the only Civcraft server (That we know of) actually using these templates.

Age 5 will be starting soon, and you'll be able to buy the full set of templates on our website when it starts.

First up is the Arrow Tower:

And we also have the windmill:

I have patched the issues with the Elven Camp. 

  • The sifter and the Longhouse upgrades should be functional now.
  • Tweaked the garden area slightly, so the water doesn't spill onto the walkway.
  • Changed from Ladders to Vines
  • Rotated the structure so the Vines don't pop off.

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