New Rivendell Mod
hey ive just received moderator on Rivendell. Im happy to help whether its an issue with the server, rule breakers or just help with how to run a civ (Note im not giving away my major tactics).

If you need any help and im not online you can contact my civ members (Enigma)


Email: (will take more time for a response)
Skype: Emeraldbrigade

Also im happy to look at server ideas (Note I do not have power of implementation all I can do is show support)
Could you ask atar if he could make quarry get a bonus if you have the Despotism government? Maybe have it produce more rare minerals, or less dirt. Yeah... less dirt would be nice.

EDIT: I also request that a craftable item be made, called "Jar of Dirt", craftable with a regular dirt block above a glass bottle. It will have no purpose, but I really think this is an important thing to add to the game.
Congratz our nice friendly Emerald!

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