Farewell Minetexas!
I know it's hard (or impossible) to ban someone who donated money to the server, they made the server alive indeed. But rules should be apply to them I'm afraid, otherwise it would be a pay-to-win server. You knew that some of them were using xray, but you chose protecting them. We will have no chance of winning if you chose to protect those players. Velouris came here for winning, not even for 2nd place. We will mine when we need, we build epic things while you are not watching. They built the epic farm indeed, But we did The road of Cottages and mobtower and Desert cottage Spiral. There should be no difference between us if you think that way. You chose them, so I have to leave.

Ataranlen, you are a good programmer. You modified civcraft in a way everyone liked. Thank you!

Eureka, you are those who kept the server alive. A great community as well. Thank you!

All non-donators those who accompanied us on the way, thank you!

And farewell my friends, farewell Minetexas!
I've stated repeatedly that one person exploring tunnels and making judgement calls (a person who is questionable himself on use of xray) and accusing an entire civilization of xray is preposterous. The fact they that one of their members donated doesn't absolve them of their responsibility to the rules. If I catch anyone hacking, they get forced to use Anti-Cheat. If they continue to break the rules, they get banned, plain and simple. I will admit a lack of time has made it difficult to moderate the server to the levels at which some people expect. I have a day job that takes up a large portion of my time. I also have a family at home, so I can't spend every waking hour watching you all play. The main difficulty in maintaining staff is that for Civcraft, any staff member with the ability to check up on players can't be allowed to play. It can get boring for some people.

Anyways, I'm still investigating Eureka. I'm pulling blocks mined statistics from them to get some idea of how disproportionate things really are, and if it's even possible that they mined all of the things you claim they did.

With all that said, I'm sorry you still don't trust me, and I'm sad to see you guys leave. I've seen your road of cottages. I've seen the mobtower, and other things you guys have built. I come as often as I can when I'm called to check on things. I get called by Eureka members more often than any other ones. Mostly because they don't harass me on skype for meaningless things. And I can stand to have them on my contact list. Emerald_brigade from Enigma is another person who contacts me on skype pretty often.
Again, I'm sorry to see you go, good luck on your search for a perfect server. I've been told one doesn't exist.

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