SuperMod Civ Emerald's
It was my understanding that supermods are not allowed to build or cooperate in a civ yet Emerald has a civ and his points put him in #1 place, I would consider this affecting the gameplay for everyone else. At least make it so he cannot build wonders or appear on the "/civ top5" command. I don't mind him having it to teach new players but when it affects the other civs, we must do something about it.
Emerald was given permission to have a civ, and It'll be an admin civ, which should remove it from the rankings etc soon. Being an Admin civ will prevent players from declaring war on them, as well as prevent wonders from being built. Emerald is not going to be playing the game, just helping new players get a better understanding of how civs work by inviting them to join his "tutorial civ"
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Emerald Explained the situation to me and yes it has all been resolved thanks

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