Im Leavin
As people may of seen I've been finding it harder and harder to remain active on the server as i have little to no work i can do. (This could possibly be due to atars quick response to server issues.) Tongue

With my old civ members asking for me back and lack of work here. I've decided to join them. This will mean i will be leaving the server.

I've enjoyed helping you lot and watching the server develop. I would highlight I believe any server with atar devin stands a decent chance of becoming a unique a decent server as he's a very active and competent dev something I've seen many civcraft servers fail to find. Mine being one of them. So i would recommend people sticking by the server.

I do aim on coming back to the server as a player at some point with my civ backing and i hope you keep enjoying Mine Texas.

- Emerald

Ps. Sorry Atar for letting you down
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