Reporting _HeavenOnEarth_
Hello, I am reporting player _HeavenOnEarth_ on May 26th 2015 for exploitation/theft.

Once before I sold a member of our civ _HeavenOnEarth_ t3 armor and a t3 sword.  I didn't charge him much only 200k.  Today May 26th- I got a message in /cc that I should come to _HeavenOnEarth_ and show him my t4 stuff .  I thought maybe he was interested in buying.  I showed him the ingridients I've spent days crafting.  First I showed him 3x t4 bow string and 3x t4 bow sticks we didnt have the tech at the time so it was just ingridients.  I asked for he back and he returned it.  Next he asked to see the rest of the stuff.  I showed him the t4 sword ingridients I had made, and the legendary attack catalyst and x24 T4 tungsten armor and x24 t4 leather.  after I gave him the stuff he killed me instantly, started spamming and asked for money for return of stolen items.

This is where it gets really annoying.  He is in our civ, he has gone to war with us, he has acted normal before then does this.  He told me its because I'm a bitch.  I took a screenshot of one point where he said he would give back the stuff for 1.6 million, or he'd give me back half if i gave him 800k money.  Please do not let him get away with stealing my stuff.  I have spent days working on crafting all that armor and weapons. I did not pay him and he logged off.  Thankyou for your time.        

Unfortunately, stealing and deception is part of the game of Civcraft. I'll move this under the "Scammers" thread.
In either case, _HeaveOnEarth_ is banned for spamming inappropriate things in chat.
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