New Civcraft Wonder: Colosseum
As part of our update to Civcraft 1.4, We're adding a Colosseum Wonder.

This is a template from the Civcraft Build server that did not make it into Civcraft yet. I personally took the time to export it and modify the Civcraft plugin to enable it.

[Image: Lfm20AHl.jpg]

So here's how it works right now:

Underlying Tech
 - id: 'tech_colosseum'
     name: 'Colosseum'
     beaker_cost: 25000.0
     cost: 50000.0
     points: 10000
     Requires: Writing, Trade, Advanced Masonry, Automation

  - id: w_colosseum
    displayName: Colosseum
    require_tech: 'tech_colosseum'
    limit: One per Civilization, Must be built in Capitol Town.
    cost: 100000.0
    hammer_cost: 80000.0
    points: 100000
    max_hitpoints: 1000
    regen_rate: 1

 - id: 'buff_colosseum_coins_from_towns'
      name: 'Colosseum Coins From Towns'
      description: 'Grants 100 coins per day to the civilization for every town in the world.'
      value: '100'
sweettttt building dude! what texture is that btw? i wonder if there is a way to use this
Thanks for the compliment.

I'm using SEUS shaders along with R3D.Craft Smooth Realism 64x texture pack.
Nice Smile!
Maybe the price to like 250k.. 100k is pretty cheap :p
Would it be possible to add this to the Tech Tree?

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