The 'ubreakable' chest.
Today (9th June 2015) I wanted to replace my default Trommel with a Roman template one, but upon demolition the Trommel left behind a chest, which I could not break. Attempting to do so prompted the message 'Please do not break chests', despite the fact that this chest is on my city's land and was previously part of a building I owned.

Attempting to build over this chest, assuming that it would be wiped like normal blocks are, the build was prevented, prompting the message; 'Failed to build: Cannot build here, would destroy chest.'

After about an hour of no less than four people trying to break this chest - using group, permission and plot commands - it was eventually decided that the chest could not be removed by means available to normal players on the server.

In which case, I would like to request the assistance of an admin to remove the chest by means available to them - E.g. Creative Mode. This would be much appreciated as it is currently an eyesore in my otherwise highly aesthetically driven city.

The chest in question is located at -3974, 64, -473

Thanks very much,

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