What makes our Civcraft Unique
We've made some changes to the core gameplay of this Civcraft Minecraft server. Everyone gets access to Free perks and some other useful commands as well. You could call this an accelerated growth Minecraft server.

Server modifications
  • /tp, /warp, /home and more
  • New Cultist Templates
  • New Elven Templates
  • New Globe Theatre and Colosseum Wonders
  • Trade Outpost min/max distance changed to 5/50
  • Livestock Price adjustments
  • Trommel chances doubled
  • Town + Civ min distance increased
  • Civ upkeep drawn at 8pm CST
  • Starting coins now 500
  • Farm and Windmill rates increased
  • Various other pricing changes
For the 6th age of MineTexas Civcraft, the following changes have been made so far:

  • Council of Eight cost increased
  • Enlightenment cost increased
  • Trade outposts re-balanced to 10/50
  • Trade outpost hemispheres removed
  • Refined Wood can be made with all Log types
  • Added Sponge to the Market
  • Added Battle Axes (Look for crafting page soon)
  • Removed Herobrine
B-b-battle axes..?

Glory to the Empire!
Quote:Aloyious is literally the spawn of Satan
Quote:at first i didnt think aloy was that bad but then he called me a weenie and made me cry
Added two more changes
Name changes Fully supported
No PVP at spawn
At remedialrob's suggestion, I have re-balanced the Aztec Capitol.
I took some time to re-work the /res perks menu.

The separate templates are now sorted into groups that you can easily access from one menu.

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