MineTexas CivilizationCraft 1.73 Public Release
This has been a long time coming, and here it is! The MineTexas CivilizationCraft 1.73 release.
Get it now from here:

Contribute here:

Spigot dev page:

I'm also selling the Atlantean, Elven, and Cultist Template sets. If you want to purchase them for use on your server, send me an email.

MineTexas Civcraft 1.73 Changelog
  • All 1.5 Changes
  • Requires Spigot-1.8.8
  • No custom mobs: Vanilla Mobs Only
  • Players Spawn with Soulbound equipment and a camp door.
  • Reduced War Cannon Firework chance to 10%
  • Reduced leftover blocks on demolishing a structure.
  • Reorganization of the Resident Perks menu. Added a permission based system for granting perks.
  • New Mob Grinder Structure: Craft mob eggs, put them in here for things.
  • Rework of the Temple: Now takes mutton and upgrades like a cottage.
  • Rework of the Trommel: Added Redstone to the drop chance, Added new Stone types
  • New Quarry Structure: input Pickaxes, receive blocks and ores
  • Full UUID Support
  • Attachables are in the Post Build Phase
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Awesome for releasing it! Even tho CivCraft is pretty dead, I would also post it on Civilizationcraft.net that it can be used over there too?
Well, Netizen fell off the face of the earth lately, so I doubt it would get noticed by him.

On the other hand, it is not dead. I still have people ask me when Rivendell will come back. I've also seen a number of requests for easier localization (which is in progress). So we'll see where things go from here.
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Well, I hope it returns soon Smile

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