New Civcraft Wonder: The Globe Theatre
As part of my ongoing effort to expand MineTexas Civcraft, I've added another new wonder: The Globe Theatre.

This wonder will be added soon during age 5.

[Image: eFNiflXl.jpg]

  - id: w_globe_theatre
    displayName: Globe Theatre
    require_tech: 'tech_globe_theatre'
    limit: 1
    cost: 800000.0
    upkeep: 0.0
    hammer_cost: 550000.0
    points: 250000
    max_hitpoints: 5000
    regen_rate: 6

Underlying Tech:
   - id: 'tech_globe_theatre'
     name: 'Globe Theatre'
     beaker_cost: 100000.0
     cost: 100000.0
     points: 40000
     require_techs: 'tech_machinery:tech_global_trade:tech_economics,tech_nationalism'\

- id: 'buff_globe_theatre_culture_from_towns'
      name: 'Globe Theatre Culture From Towns'
      description: 'Increase culture by 1 for every town in the world.'
      value: '1'
      stackable: false

This theatre is from Kingdom Of Verona, built and owned by ExpertCrafter, also known as Expertise101.
This is wonderful.

Go atar!
OMG! Yes a new wonder thats all we needed thanks again!

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