Banned on Aberon

SheerFire (Currently ChickenFriesFeg). I was on the aberon server a while ago. I was just playing when suddenly I was sent to "Jail" for no apparent reason (Seriously, no reason). When i asked the moderators why I was their the moderators responded with "You know what you did" and then attended to the servers questions to why I was jailed with "Staff matters can not be discussed with the server". Then i was let out of jail. Soon after a moderator told me i needed anticheat, the turned on auto-kick and left. In the 30sec intervals I managed to get the link to the anti-cheat on the fourms. However, i think it's outdated. Even though I installed it correctly (I know how to I've installed optifine) and tried the alternatives listed the server would still kick me. I then became frustrated, which is the reason for excessive language (Not Denying it, that was my bad). Then i went to the rivendell server and played their for awhile. I had a new username (ChickenFriesFeg) which i assume is why the staff didn't recognize me. During the time I played Madness was constantly checking in on players (even caught Facenits hacking). However, the rivendell server didn't work out on account of my civ members being incredible butts. So I would like to rejoin the Aberon server to play with my brother (luckyted1231909) and his friend (Southernviking64). From what I said i hope you'll realize that i don't hack or cheat. I promise their won't be any problems with language at all (you can even perm mute if you think thats a problem, i'll just be playing with my brother and my friend). In addition, even if i were hacking (which i don't) i still feel that the action taken was a little strict seeing as Facenits, who was caught using x-ray, only got a warning. All in all, I really love this server and civcraft. I hope you read over this carefully and allow me to rejoin the minetexas community. Thanks, SheerFire (Chicken FriesFeg)

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