Ferovesa Ban Appeal
hi there,
so I was banned for being an ult??
Want me to like confirm with you that I'm not someone you already know through Skype of something???!?!?!?!?!?
Good afternoon, Ferovesa.

I appreciate you coming to us with this issue.

As of my writing this, your account has been unbanned on Rivendell. I would suggest that you do not share your account in the future, as it can lead to more confusion as we have seen today.
Quote:Aloyious is literally the spawn of Satan
Quote:at first i didnt think aloy was that bad but then he called me a weenie and made me cry
Can you do something about my town being disbanded/compensate me for all my buildings/money i didn't make?
Unfortunately, we are unable to compensate you for actions taken while breaking the rules.
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