Greetings from the Minister of Trade
Hi guys

Just a quick hello from me (ChadDX) to tell you a little bit about my position and what I do.

Essentially, as Minister of Trade, it is my job to increase the amount of trade on the server. The main way I will do this is offer both buy and sell prices for as many items as possible, becoming a middleman between producers and consumers.

Also I will be making a dedicated trading area at the End Portal Entrance (the site of the stronghold) which will have obsidian reinforced trading booths.

It is also my job to regulate trade. Currently the only banned items are:
1. Gunpowder
2. TNT
3. Wither Skulls
You can have these items, just not trade them, not even for free. If caught trading illegal items, you will be banned from the exchange, and may be referred to the KOS list.

Also I will collect trading data and ensure it is published for all to see.

Best Regards,
ChadDX, Minister of Trade
(alts: Basebuilder, RoadMaker, Item_Crafter, Mineral_Exchange)
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
We need to ban cocaine(named sugar), weed(named sugar canes) and meth(named lapis) to see how strong our security is.
If they get processed and sold easily, it could mean we need to strengthen our security.
If not, it means
A. No one wants to
B. We have a tight security in check.

Thanks for your time,
It's a good idea Scoot, and I thought about it, but really as Minister of Trade I'm not comfortable banning someone from the exchange, or recommending they be kill on sight unless they actually break the rules. Also we regularly plant sugarcane near 0,0 so some of the items are not hard to get hold of.

I think best way to test our security when it comes to trading is to come onto the server on an unknown account (with the basic achievements gained beforehand) and offer a stack of tnt for sale at spawn. we come kill you, then afterwards you say it was a test. Test runs are always useful (and fun!)
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"

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