National Broadcast of Civilization!
Wonder idea!

NBC - National Broadcast of Civilization!
Wonder Info: Can be build in only capitol town / Every civ can build one
Cost: have 2-3 Towns + 20-50k

So you build the wonder, and you go inside and change a few text on the "Signs" inside the wonder where the message gets send to all town halls in the Civ. Every Town hall will have a small news room spot where they can read the message of the civ. In addition, could make the wonder to send message to allies civs capt only.
This would be a very complex thing to accomplish.

I know of a couple of plugins that would let me do something like this, but it would require a lot of work.
awwaww alright
What benefit would this have to warrant it's high coin and hammer cost?

It seems no different than just typing a message out to your civ.
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Some troll civs would probably build it too and spam the chats. So maybe an solution for that

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