On The Subject of Spawn Heads
In regards to the spawn head "scandal" it goes a little something like this:  Its public property. Simply put, thanks to the fact that being a government-sanctioned piece of land, it is in fact property of the state. And, in saying such, I extend the right to take said property as I see fit for the furthering of our government. If you see it this way, it is ridiculously valuable pieces of property. And, to sustain the economy all of you happen to use, It has been claimed in the name of wealth acquisition by the Zineon government, and will continue to be stored until needed. If you have any points to introduce to the situation, please feel free to bring them up below. I will not accept anything that is not created in a professional manner.
As Minister of Trade, I would just like to confirm that trade in player-heads is currently legal.

I support your proposed sale of the player heads provided the proceeds do indeed go towards defending this server.
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