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"9.999..../10 needs more Scoots saying 'oh god'" -IGN
[G]<AtaranlenForMC>Which one of you filthy civcrafters griefed my church of Atar?

[G]<YourCoal> all of us

[Image: CB8714B591597BFEC87124992DB99B1B069F35B1]
hehe like 1 minute in it says "Trust No One" but really, we have laws and stuff meaning that some people (especially government) really can be trusted as if they con you, they'll lose their position.

Traders as well... you only have to con one person once and no one will want to trade with you again.

I say government needs to make their own counter video :-P
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"

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