Welcome to Zineon!
Hi Newbies!

Welcome to the Country of Zineon, a minecraft community on an otherwise anarchy server.

We the Government are looking out for you!

We provide a military force to hunt and kill griefers.

We build roads and other transport infrastructure

We build Towns and Cities

We allow you to trade safely (face to face vanilla, no plugins)

We allow you to vote and have a say on Government Ministers and laws

If you wish to build in peace and have nothing to do with us, then go ahead. You'll find this to be a great server to build on with your mates! Heck, if you even want to start your own Province at one of the 2 remaining End Portals, then go ahead. We don't want war.
You'll still be able to trade with us even if your a million out, thanks to our trade routes.

To get started on the server, go in and then out of one of the portals at spawn. This will take you to our Hub, 0,0. Feel free to take items from unmarked chests within these walls, but please do not alter the architecture.

100 blocks west of 0,0 in the ocean is a farm. If this is griefed, then there is a farm further along the road at 1300 blocks west.

Once you have plenty food, I recommend you /spawn and then go back into spawn portal. This is the Netherhub. Portals should be every 200 blocks in the nether. This is equivalent to every 1600 blocks in overworld.

When you are comfortable with how far away you are (far=safe), walk a good distance away from the NetherHub portal and set up a base.

You set your spawn the standard vanilla way by sleeping in your bed. Once you've made a nice room to ensure your base isn't obstructed, you'll be able to /spawn to come visit the community at any time. You keep your items, and don't need to die to get back to your base. Just go back into the netherhub and walk 100 blocks diagonal on the ice to the End Portal... Going through the tunnel in The End (it's safe) will take you back to your bed!

Peace, and Happy Building!  Smile
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"

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