Trading Guide
Hi Guys!

So you've set up a base far away from spawn and you need supplies... or maybe your base produces excess items or blocks and you'd like to sell them for diamonds. How on earth can you do this on a vanilla server with no trading plugins??? Read on and you'll find out!

Firstly, I recommend that you place the items that will be traded in your enderchest. This means that if someone kills you they wont get the items.

Secondly, ensure you have a bed and that you have slept in it at some point. Otherwise you wont be able to get back to your base

When that is done, and you have checked the person that you're trading with is ready, type "/spawn" in the chat. This teleports you to the spawn platform. There is an enderchest near here, and also one at 0,0.
There should also be a normal chest nearby.

The buyer places their currency (normally diamonds, but can be iron, lapiz, obsidian or gold) in the normal chest. The seller takes the currency and places in their enderchest, then takes out what they have agreed to sell and places it in the normal chest.

When trade is complete, it is customary for both traders to type "ty" in the chat.

If you have any complaints, try sort it out with the person you traded with first. If you can't agree on a solution then refer the trade to the government.

There are 2 ways to get back to your base (bed)

1. Die (make sure all ur items including your armour are in your enderchest)

2. Go through the End (End portal is 100 blocks diagonal in the nether)

If you have any further questions about trading, please post them below.

Happy trading!   Smile
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