I know this was probably posted on already, i just wanted to add my feed back as i need to vent, because really, things aren't going too good with all of these problems (the recent lag events...)

So sometime near, or during war time, most, if not all farms stop working... i have eight wheat farms, one nether wart farm, one potato farm, and one carrot farm... only two wheat farms work... you see, i kind of prepare the server for this by selling crops, making buy prices lower... but when the problem occurs... i barely make enough money to support myself... so honestly this farming problem... it's the second biggest inconvenience on the server! (Following the lag events...)
I finally was able to get this resolved. It seems it was due to the way the max tile improvements were calculated when a town had the mother tree buff. If your farms are still disabled, have your civ leader enable them.
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