Big suggestion
I already told in an email i had a wonder idea 'the space center' it allows you to go to a the nether with new boarders and new trade outposts and only brutals/extreme mobs. The 'space' also expands the tech tree with trommel level 2/3 , banks up to level 15, and tier 8 armour.

Cost: 1 mil
Beakers: 500k
Upkeep: 200k
Points: 100000
Researches: need for space

This wonder can be builded in every civ but is only useable when your in top10. You saw the research need for space and this research removes the enlightment. The hell needs to be even that big as the normal world. Extreme mobs can only been seen in nether and gives o.p. Drops

I think that was my message. If you got reactions i love to hear them
The main issue with this, Civcraft is designed to use a single world. It would be a considerable volume of work to support structures on multiple worlds.

But the idea is noted.

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