Rekly's Rekware (under constuction)
-----=====Rekly's Rekware=====-----

Welcome to Rekly's Rekware, a one stop shop for all the best equipment.
All Rekware is crafted using only the best books and most lucky enchanting table outcomes to give you a product that can be repaired over and over again.

Get Rekware or get rekt!


PVP God Armour set - 96 diamonds
PVP Standard Armour set - 80 diamonds
Enviro God Armour set - 80 diamonds

PVP God Sword - 20 diamonds
Anti-mob God Sword - 20 diamonds
God Bow (all max enchants) - 20 diamonds

God Fortune III Pick - 20 diamonds
God Silk Touch Pick - 20 diamonds
God Shovel - 20 diamonds
God Axe - 20 diamonds

Notch Apple - 20 diamonds
4 Notch apples - 64 diamonds
Golden Carrot Stack -
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"

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