Poll: Who would you like to vote for as President Of Zineon?
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Uitzilpac (DonaldTrumpForMC)
1 16.67%
5 83.33%
Total 6 vote(s) 100%
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JAN2016 ELECTIONS!! - President Of Zineon Applications
President Of Zineon

Term: 3 months
Role: President

Full Description (will be constantly updated until voting starts)
The President must run and lead the country. He must liaise with all of the other Ministers to ensure that they are doing what they were elected for. He is in charge of static defences (walls and towers) and also in charge of the Military (passes orders to The Head of Military). In times of war, his say is final. He can add people to the KOS list and can order soldiers to help with a battle if needed. He can declare war on other servers, and he can call for peace. In short, the President's main job is to keep the government in power.

Two suits of PVP God Armour
Two suits of Enviro God Armour
2 Custom PVP God swords
2 Custom Anti-mob swords
Expenses account of 248 dia
Trading account of 248 dia
Ability to buy gold at 50% of the listed bulk price on the exchange
Ability to buy Military-grade armour at only 40 diamonds per suit
Ability to buy Military-grade bows and swords at only 10 diamonds each

How To Apply
Create a reply here in this thread stating your intention to run for this office. Please give your current minecraft name and also what most people know you by. Then start your campaign! Voting will commence on this thread in January.

Please read and vote on the Election Law thread at or your application will not be added

Current Applicants

1. Uitzilcapac (aka DonaldTrumpForMC)
2. The_Doctor856
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Hello, as you know, I am DonaldTrumpForMC, also known as Uitzilcapac. I am currently running for reelections, and encourage you to vote. And of course, if you elect me, I will make Zineon great again, and build many walls to keep out ALL the civcrafters.

Hello, I am The_Doctor856.  Most of you do not know me, but imagine me as the Bernie Sanders in this campaign.  I plan on making Zineon great again, to quote Trump, but without such unneeded extreme measures.  I stand by my standards, and friends or not, if you break the law, I will be tough on you.  I don't stand back and let others do the work.  Expect me to be at your side if I give you a job.  That is, if you elect me president.  It's a bit late, but I hope that I can prove my worth.
Congratulations to The_Doctor865 for winning the Presidential Election with 83% of the vote!

Many Thanks to Trump for his work up until now.

I await the victory speech from The_Doctor665!
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Congratulations The_Doctor856 for winning the President of Zineon rank! I look forward to working with you in the future! Idea
Hawt Doggo
I am honored to take up this position. I plan on making Zineon an amazing place for friends to build and hang out. I look forward to working with Trump, as I hope he'll take up a position as deputy to me. This is a great server, and I hope I can carry it to greater heights. Thank you guys.
Dude, Trump left. No one knows when he might return. Did you read his farewell speech?
Hawt Doggo

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