Poll: Who would you like to vote for as Head Of Military?
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2 18.18%
7 63.64%
DonaldJTrumpkin (not to be confused with Trump)
2 18.18%
Total 11 vote(s) 100%
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JAN2016 ELECTIONS!! - Head Of Military Applications
Head of Military

Term: 2 months
Role: To organise the Military

Full Description (will be constantly updated until voting starts)
The Head Of Military has an extremely important job on the server. He is in charge of Military supplies, Military training, Military Recruitment, and Military Tactics. He passes down orders from The President, and also can pass down order of his own. He can add people to the KOS list, and in times of war can order soldiers to spawn to help with a battle.

Six suits of PVP God Armour
Six Military-Grade PVP swords
Ability to buy gold at 50% of the listed bulk price on the exchange
Ability to buy Military-grade armour at only 40 diamonds per suit
Ability to buy Military-grade bows and swords at only 10 diamonds each

How To Apply
Create a reply here in this thread stating your intention to run for this office. Please give your current minecraft name and also what most people know you by. Then start your campaign! Voting will commence on this thread in January.

Please read and vote on the Election Law thread at or your application will not be added

Current Applicants

1. Taters69
2. Xenobyte73 (aka Hineas)
3. DonaldJTrumpkin (not DonaldTrumpforMC)
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
As a predominate member of the server, I would like to list myself as a possible candidate. I will be starting my campaign this Saturday. Most people know me as taters69, but I might change my name, since I chose that name when I was 7.
Application: I would like to run for Head of Military. This is because, as many of you know, dedicated to the server, and very known. My rank before this was a brigade leader. I think that I would be suitable for this job. My heroic acts: Tried to stop a player from lava casting but died in the line of duty, Stoping acclaimed griefer Nicklepickle200 while dying also. My main job for this rank is to act as the authority and security on this server. Besides, since the government has recently been in a "difficult" situation, I look forward to bringing new change, such as agreeing with ChadDX's and Scootaloothespy's idea of our governments personal armed forces. I will make sure that every citizen and trader are protected from griefers. As many of you recall, I am an experienced player who knows a great amount of information on anarchy servers (2b2t, minetexas). I can prevent all of these, situations such as being robbed, framed, or murdered for the wrong thing.

I hope that you guys vote for me! Good luck for the election m8's!

Ciao- Xenobyte73 Confused (im also known as Hineas)
Hawt Doggo
Application: I'm running in this election. To start, honestly, I think our military is doing a horrible job. The stupid, stupid losers running it have us headed in the wrong direction. Kids these days don't want to serve their country, all they ask is "Is this iPad gluten-free?" We have to be smart, we have to be strong. Hunt the people on the K.O.S. list down with killauras. Take action. It's been a while since I've seen anyone take action against criminals. We have law, but we have no one to enforce it. We used to win, we just don't win anymore. I want to make Zineon win. I want law, security, enforcement, and order to be followed.

Also, my heroic acts were beating a guy with no armor with a stick, which I believe was a very heroic act on my part as he was a very nice guy. I mean like, he was very nice. Extraordinarily nice. So nice that he wouldn't harm a fly. So I beat him with the stick. And I even survived to tell the tale.

So vote, and let's make Zineon great again.

DonaldJTrumpkin (not DonaldTrumpforMC, we get mixed up.)
Look at the attachments below:

Nice Democracy right?

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Hawt Doggo
Congratulations to Xenobyte73 for winning the Head Of Military Election with 62% of the vote.

DonaldJTrumpkin gets second place with 25% of the vote, and is eligible to become Deputy Head Of Miltiary

I await speeches from Xenobyte73 and also DonaldJTrumpkin if he chooses to take up his new role.
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
When will the next elections take place?
(02-23-2016, 04:01 PM)STAR_DESTROYER20 Wrote: When will the next elections take place?

In 2 or 3 months?
Hawt Doggo

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